Those were the days…

UPDATE FROM 11/14/2014: As I reposted this I was pleased to see that all the videos were still intact. Yay, YouTube museum! I also have to admit that since I posted these I actually found an Intellivision on eBay and had to buy it. My 12-year old was not very impressed… but I had fun! I ended up having to get an old VCR at GoodWill to connect it into the TV.

Valerie Skinner commented that she’s run across a lot of technical people who got their start on the Commodore 64.┬á I was one of them!

I did some quick digging and thought I’d share a few blasts from the past about the good ol’ days of computing.

William Shatner and the Vic20

The Commodore 64



Bill Cosby for TI

Ahhh! Those were the days!

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