Do you make posting too hard?

The other day at a WordPress meetup the presenter was talking about content and how many businesses struggle with creating it. When I was managing editor for developerWorks I dealt with a lot of authors at different stages of comfort with writing. I found that many of them made things harder than they needed to be. Their writing was stilted and artificial, as though they were trying to impress a professor.

Writing a blog, or making little updates to you content shouldn’t be difficult. It should be natural. There are also dozens of little opportunities during the day where a question or an idea comes up that is worth sharing. It doesn’t have to be international news, just something that keeps people in touch with you. Think of the traditional journalistic questions: Who, what where, when, why, how. Speak to one or more of those about your activities and you’ll be off to the races.

Keep a little notepad or electronic document for one-liner ideas. I use Google Keep for some of this sort of thing, since I can can access it from my whatever. I jot down things that people comment on as interesting, links to news stories that might need some comment, cool things that I did that I might want to demonstrate.

Later, when I want to write but feel uninspired I can look through my little list and there’s always something to do.

If this is interesting to people let me know and I’ll write a little more detail about writing when you need to. Of course, if you want some personal help I’m happy to consult and help you generate a solid editorial plan!

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