Overcome with nostalgia

Today I ported a few more of my old developerWorks blogs onto this site. One of them had several videos about classic computer commercials. (By classic I mean that they might be from before you were born…which is not your fault. You’ll be classic some day too!) All the old YouTube videos were still intact. Take a look, it might make you smile.

For the curious, I’m also starting to get my AustinComputerWizard site running, to support my freelance consulting. It’s pretty bare bones right now. (The cobbler’s children have no shoes!) Look for it to get some legs here pretty soon. I’ll likely be providing some free tutorials and things through that site and leave this going as a general blog. There will be some level of cross-pollination, though. If you know people in the Austin area who could use a compassionate nerd to help them, please send them my way.  I can also do some projects remotely. It would be lovely if this could get off the ground and let me spend time helping people do cool stuff rather than wandering around in job-search land.


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