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Deep geekiness for the holiday

Over the holiday I got myself the Droid phone, featuring Google’s Android operating system.  I’m afraid that I’ve spent the last week or so geeking out on it a little.

I’ve done the obligatory web browsing, email and social networking.  Then I started to dig a little.  Tonight I managed to create a key-authenticated connection to my home PC and then ran VNC through the encrypted tunnel, just like I’ve described for my other remote work.  It was all but useless with such a tiny screen, but it would do for an emergency.  For example, I was able to lookup a PDF and read it.  If I was troubleshooting for someone it would be enough for me to look at their screen and read error messages.  It’s possible to zoom and pan and such, but I think if I had to do much more I would get myself to a full-size VNC connection.

I’ve been hearing a lot of ads lately for a company that promotes the service of accessing your work computer remotely from anywhere.  I’m sure that they offer some special functionality that I’m not considering, but I’ve used open-ssh technique to do the same thing through my home Internet connection.  If there’s interest, I’ll put out a quick tutorial on what I did.

Monday everything begins anew.  More about what’s new with me in the next entry.