The future of software delivery?

I just had to laugh a little when I came across this article: Microsoft Click-to-Run: The future of software delivery?

Wow!  They invented the idea of getting software over the Internet when you want it!  Anyone who has used open source software has been enjoying functionality along these lines for years.  In Ubuntu if I try to execute a command which doesn’t exist I’m given suggestions on how to install it now.  Tools point to on-line repositories of existing software which is installed easily with a few clicks and kept up to date for you as you use them.

Now it’s a new and innovative idea?  *sigh*

In other news is this story “Mozilla Drumbeat Aims to Expand Web Participation.”  I’m intrigued by this project and the upcoming live site.  I’ve been consistently impressed by what is accomplished through open source development.  Yet I also recognize that the nature of open source makes it more difficult to organize and tackle certain kinds of problems.  Mozilla and Apache are both open source groups that immediately get my attention, and a certain level of trust, when they put out a project.  I plan to watch this space and see what they do next.  You can see the progress on the official Mozilla Drumbeat page.

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